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The tent should be set up on level ground. The area must be clear of all obstruction both on the ground and overhead.


Customer are responsible to check for underground utilities and acquire permits that may be needed.†


Our tents are sewn, and sealed, leaks sometimes occur along seams this is normal.†


Our Tents are designed for lawn installation.

A minimum of 5 feet is required around the tent to allow for the ropes and stakes.† Frame tents need to be secured on corners only


10% Damage waiver is recommended for tents, Damage waiver will cover tents damaged by storms.


What size tent will you need?

This gets complicated depending on the type of the party.


Graduation party; donítí plan a seat and room under the tent for the gradates friends most likely they have a dozen other invitations and are likely to stop say hello and move on.


Wedding: figure they are all coming and will stay long past the cutting of the cake.


Family event where most of the guests are local; donít expect them to show up or stick around if the weather turns sour.

Pray for sun††† Plan for rain

October through May expect the Temperature to chase guests away after sunset unless heaters and sidewalls are used.

November through March it dose snow think about it.


Tents are not storm shelters and must be evacuated during High Wind, Heavy Rain, and Thunderstorms.†


Stand up party - allow 5 - 6 sq ft per person

Buffet Style party - allow 7 - 8 sq ft per person

Dinner Style party = allow 8 - 10 sq ft per person

Remember to allow additional space for serving tables, bar and entertainment


Have an unusual Party request or question ask us.


Reservation Policy

A deposit of $50.00 is required to secure your reservation.†

All deposits must be made with cash or credit card.


$20.00 deposit required on reservations that donít include tents.


Deposit will be forfeited if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the event.


Party Items are rented for the weekend.

Items can be pick up Friday or Saturday, returns are on Monday

Extra charge for early pickup or late returns.


Cleaning charge will be added to items returned dirty


The Weather can become dangerous quickly.† Tents, Bounce Houses and other temporary shelters must be evacuated when storms are approaching.†


Plan for rain and pray for sun

Answers to Party FAQ

Please contact us if you donít find what you are looking for

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