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2212 Sullivan Trail††† at Meco Rd

† Forks Township Pa.†† 18040-7901

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Started in 1948 by my father Donald Leiser. The first store was called Donald W Leiser Sales & Service and was located in Bethlehem. We sold International Harvester Industrial Tractors, Toro Mowers and Wheel Horse Tractors. We had a full service lawn and garden center with fertilizers, custom mixed lawn seed, Christmas decorations, and the largest selection of bird feeders In Eastern Pa.


In 1960 a Rental department was opened as a separate business called Bethlehem Rental Service. Spending most of my childhood around the business I was put on the payroll in 1968 as a 14 year old. The current business plan was adopted in the 1970s as we dropped the full service garden center to focus on the Rental business and Lawn Equipment sales and service.† In 2006 we gave up retailing Toro but continue to service and support Toro and Toro Dingo.


The Forks Township Store was opened as a branch of Leiserís Inc. in the spring of 1985. We used the barn and farm house of the old Sandt farm as showroom and storage.


I purchased the Forks Township store from my father in 1995. While both business use the name Leiserís and handle most of the same services there are differences.† To differentiate between the two stores we have added the name Rental Barn to our logo in reference to the 140 year old barn we use for storage.

Leiserís Dawn to Dusk

Two Allentown Fair displays one from the late 1940ís and the other from the mid 1950ís.

That is my Father on the far left.

Our second Bethlehem Store 1958††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Our first Rental Store 1960

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Currently Stefanoís Restaurant

When we opened in 1985 the farm house was our first showroom Our currant showroom is the old shed on the right. Far right is a satellite dish. In 1985 there was limited cable service in Forks Township we Rented and Sold Satellite systems. Between the dish and shed (pre Meco Rd) is nothing but corn fields.

Forks Township

††††††† Leiserís Bethlehem 1961††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Leiserís Bethlehem

†††† 2960 Linden St† The currant Stefanoís restaurant far left†††††† 3608 Nazareth Pile††† Grand Opening 1970 closed 2018

The Story of Leiserís Forks Township is a battle many small business face today.† As we celebrate our 33rd year in Forks Township we have had years of growth slowed by Township officials rejecting our expansion plans and sometimes battles just to protect our property rights. As I passed my 55th Birthday the time to build the business into something that would survive my involvement had passed.


Where do we go from here


I turned 62 in January and it is time to start preparing for retirement.††



Forks Township vs Us


Leiserís Dawn to Dusk


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