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2212 Sullivan Trail       Forks Township Pa. 18040       610-258-2963


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2212 Sullivan Trail     Forks Township Pa.   18040-7901

 Phone: 610-258-2963           Fax: 610-258-3973



 Auto Tools

                                                                            Hour            Day            


Engine Stand------------------------------------------                      20.00

Engine Hoist------------------------------------------                      45.00

Engine Sling-------------------------------------------                      20.00

Floor Jack----------------------------------------------                      20.00

Jack Stand set of twp--------------------------------                      20.00

Pulley Wheel Pullers---------------------------------                      20.00

Slide Hammer-----------------------------------------                      20.00

Torque Wrench

Inch Pound--------------------------------------------                     18.00

to 150#-------------------------------------------------                     20.00

to 300#-------------------------------------------------                     30.00


Trailers & Towing

                                                                         3 Hour            Day             

Car Dolly---------------------------------------------- 50.00             75.00

Chains & Binders------------------------------------                      5.00

Tow Lights---------------------------------------------                      5.00

Car Trailer 16’ 7000 GVW *----------------------- 68.00             95.00

Equipment Trailer 16” Tilt 9900 GVW *-------- 85.00             115.00

Landscape Trailer 6 x 12’ 3000 GVW------------ 35.00             55.00

Utility Trailer 5 x 8 1200 GVW------------------- 28.00             45.00

Hitch adapter  with ball-----------------------------                      18.00

Light adapter------------------------------------------                      5.00


*  2 5/16 ball, Electric Brake controller and 7 wire plug required.



                                                                           3 Hour          Day

Animal Trap-------------------------------------------                      10.00

Metal Detector---------------------------------------- 18.00             25.00

          Deluxe------------------------------------------ 24.00             35.00

Walk Behind Magnet-------------------------------- 15.00             18.00

Shingle Shovel----------------------------------------                      18.00

Roofers Torch ---------------------------------------- 24.00             35.00



Welder Stick AC DC 220 volt---------------------- 35.00             50.00

Welder Mig 110 220 volt gas wire extra--------- 60.00             75.00

Welding Helmet--------------------------------------                      45.00


Prices subject to change without notice


Due to current cost increases, call for current pricing



Animal Traps

Trailers to 9000 gvw

Metal Detector

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Home       History


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 Lawn Equipment Service       The Junk Drawer      Policies     FAQ


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Are we the last Buggy Whip company in Easton?

Consumer habits change, and if a business doesn’t change, they will die. When consumers chose discount home centers for Lawn Equipment needs we saw an opportunity to provide service for the Big Box brands. When Rental stores began to specialize in Party or Construction, we saw the Do It Yourself Homeowner market was underserved. 

With prosperity comes issues.

We had the right business in the wrong neighborhood.

Inefficient facilities in a business unfriendly community limit our opportunities to market the business to a new operator.

When we opened in 1985,

I envisioned a modern business that would use the barn as a centerpiece and preserve the rural character of the Property. We submitted plans with a modern repair shop and showroom hidden within the shell of a horse barn three times. Unfortunately, as Forks Township grew, the new residents didn’t understand the need for local availability of goods and services. In 1989 we were one of the first local businesses targeted by the citizens against everything groups.


For the next 20 years, we made several attempts to get our plans approved. However, when one Supervisor made it his pet project to push us off our Property, I understood that my dream was dead. From that point, we just fended off attacks by Supervisors and Planners.


The fact that we thrived within the Township’s strict limitations shows the resilience of our business.   

I never considered retiring; however, over the last decade, it has been a struggle finding and training reliable employees. Most young people have no interest in learning trades. Young people don’t have the stamina to work a full day or the responsibility to get out of bed and show up on time.