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I have over 50 years of small engine & lawn equipment shop experience.† I am known to be a resource for information for those repairing or restoring old and antique Lawn Equipment.† Toro, Wheel Horse, and Echo are my specialties, however if it is used on a lawn it has been in our shop.†

Feel free to contact me.


Rob Leiser


Ethanol as a gasoline additive has done nothing but created headaches for the Small Engine and Marine industry.††


Ethanol as a fuel additive in Lawn Equipment, Motorcycles and Boats has caused extensive damage to fuel systems.† Over the last few years fuel related failures have jumped about 90%† The corrosive properties of ethanol, and itís effect on plastic and rubber parts have damaged many engines beyond repair.†


The EPA is currently implementing an increase in the minimum amount of Ethanol required in Gasoline to 15%.† Older non fuel injected engines will fail with E-15 Gasoline.† Always check the fuel pump for ethanol content before pumping.

Drive belts are not inspected during a tune-up.† Belts fail from the inside out and damage can not be seen during an external inspection.† We can replace belts for an additional charge during a tune-up if requested by the customer.†


Simple procedures to avoid ethanol damage.

Use canned or pump fuel that is ethanol free.

Use a fuel stabilizer.† Fuel stabilizer's are not cure allís however they help.

Use smaller storage containers make sure vent caps are in place

Keep storage cans and fuel tanks mostly full and in a cool dry place.

Do not use fuel stored more than 30 days.

Use long term storage procedures if equipment will be unused for more then 30 days


Is it worth fixing?

We can tell you. However, you should consider recycling and replacing equipment


Repair costs are approaching 50% of new equipment.

The owner Should consider the age and condition of the equipment.††

and often is the equipment used.

Sometimes it is more economical to rent instead of maintaining a tool only used occasionally.

Ask for an estimate, and take our advice.


Many times we are asked to patch repair worn out equipment.

Why waste money repairing equipment that is beyond its useful life.


We recycle unneeded lawn equipment

Old Lawn equipment contains petroleum products that can contaminate the environment.† We can properly dispose of unneeded gasoline powered lawn equipment.† There is a $10.00 charge and pick-up can be arranged locally.


We can also sell your used walk behind and riding mowers on consignment.† The equipment should be† in good running condition and less than 5 years old.† Our fee is 20% of the sale price.††


We do not accept hand held equipment Chain saws, leaf blowers or trimmers for sale. We charge $10.00 to recycle hand held equipment.††


Extended Warranty Beware

Extended warrantees are just as they sound.† Extended Warrantyís only cover defective components and do not cover normal wear.† These warrantees are mostly covered by 3rd party insurers and collecting on them is difficult and time consuming.†

The best option is avoid extended warrantees


What about that yard sale find and purchasing used lawn equipment

A few things to considerIf the equipment is not working donít buy it. If it only needed a $10.00 repair ask the seller to have it repaired.


Unless you are handy making repairs donít by someone else's problems.


What is a refurbished mower?††

Answer; a Myth

Mowers are not exchanged for the newest model. Most mowers are run until little usable life is left. The so called refurbished mowers we have seen are rattle can repaints.


A customer asks us to look over a slightly used gem he purchased on the internet. It turned out he paid $800.00 for a 15 year old tractor with fresh paint new decals and a bad engine.


Make that purchase with your eyes open.† Never take the buyers word on condition.† Never buy used equipment sight unseen.†††


The so called yard sale trimmer that only needs a tune-up is likely to need an $80.00 fuel system rebuild.

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Important 2019 service update


Our Shop has always accepted all brands of lawn equipment for repair.† As the number of independent Lawn equipment repair facilities dwindles the requests for our services has exploded.† Even keeping the shop working evenings and Sundays we continue to fail at meeting or customers expectations.†

Bring your lawn equipment that only needs a pre-season tune-up before the season††

We have made major changes to our lawn equipment service business to improve efficiency and quicken turn around times.†

We will no longer accept Trimmers, Blowers, Chainsaws accept Echo. As the average cost to repair poorly performing engines approaches the cost of new equipment. Chinese made hand held equipment should be considered disposable.

Prices on picking up mowers with our trucks will be raised to reflect the actual costs of maintaining the trucks, insurance, and the salary of the driver.†

The low quality equipment produced for the discount retailers has a limited life span.

The average life of lawn equipment using gasoline with ethanol.

Hand Held equipment 2 years††††††† †††††††††† Walk Power Mowers 3-5 years††††† †††††††††† Riding mowers 5-7 years

Proper maintenance can extend the life, hard use and poor maintenance will reduce the expected life

Almost every brand of Home Center Lawn Equipment was built or contains parts that were manufactured in China. This includes brands like Toro Troy Built and Briggs and Stratton.

Owners need to understand that we are limited to what we can do, screaming, constant phone calls, or lines in the sand will not speed up that slow boat from China.

If you are concerned about quality of the equipment and product support purchase your lawn equipment from a servicing dealer

We are accepting warrantee repairs on a case by case basis


Many manufactures are cutting warrantee payments or rejecting legitimate warranty claims.

Read the warranty carefully. Items like fuel system components are not covered.

Manufactures will reject warranties on equipment not stored properly.†

We will no longer do warrantee work without guarantees of being paid.† Many times our reputation is damaged when we are caught in-between the manufactures unwillingness to pay, and dissatisfied equipment owners.†


Getting approvals on warrantee repairs and acquiring parts and payments can sometimes take months.


We will still provide warrantee service on the equipment we sold.


Purchasing lawn equipment that canít be returned to the retailer for warrantee repairs is a mistake.† Donít take the sellers word that some other dealer will cover the warrantee repairs.† Before you purchase new equipment, warranty policy should be discussed directly with the servicing dealer.

A warrantee is worthless if you canít find a service center.

Costs not covered by manufactures are the responsibility of the equipment owner.

Factory Warranties cover defects and workmanship. Repairs due to improper use, assembly, or storage are not considered warrantable repairs.† Belts blades and customer damage is not covered by warranties.†

Detailed dated receipts are required for all warranty repairs.† Credit Card invoices or bank statements are not considered proof of purchase by some manufactures.

Our Warrantee on our repair work

We cover our actual repairs and defective parts for 30 days from equipment pick-up.

HOWEVER we have some exceptions.

Repairs not covered by our warrantee include

Failures unrelated to original repair

Fuel system repairs.†

Repairs with non OEM customer supplied parts.

Engines that failed leak-down tests or were affected by ethanol damage at the time of the original repair.

Requests for warranty without the original receipt.

No name Chinese products and components.


A tune-up is a set of procedures to prepare a mower for the season.

A tune-up is not a guarantee of a trouble-free season

We have provided Lawn Equipment service since my father started the business in 1948.† While we discontinued selling Lawnmowers in 2007 we continue to service most brands of Lawnmowers, Riding Mowers, Snow Throwers and light construction equipment.

Some of the repair services we offer

†††††††† †††††††† Pre Priced tune-ups to prepare equipment for the upcoming season

†††††††† †††††††† Servicing to prepare equipment for off season storage

†††††††† †††††††† General repairs charged by time and parts.

†††††††† †††††††† We give estimates before repair when requested

†††††††† †††††††† Emergency and priority service when requested (extra charge)

†††††††† †††††††† Lawnmower and Chain Saw blade sharpening within 24 hours.

†††††††† †††††††† Tire repairs.

†††††††† †††††††† Repairs to individual engine and mower components.†

†††††††† †††††††† Pick-up and return of repaired products (extra charge)

†††††††† †††††††† Riding mower battery charging and testing (no charge)

Posted shop labor rate $75.00 per hour.††