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We will continue to offer lawn equipment repair into 2022. We are limited by staff and facilities to the numbers we can accept. Lawn Mower repairs should be completed by mid March to avoid delays within our shop.


We will no longer accept weed trimmers, leaf blowers and chain-saws for repair.


Leiserís has been in the Lawn Equipment business since 1948. I have been working in the business since 1963.


The industry has changed. At one time Lawn Equipment Dealers sold and serviced a premium product Sales and Service was handled like Auto Dealers. Today Lawn Equipment is an impulse purchase of a low cost disposable products that are designed to be thrown out like that broken DVD players after a few years. Servicing these low-quality Chinese made products has changed the industry.


Even over the last dozen years, the quality of the equipment has been reduced to keep the prices steady. At the same time, our costs to provide service continue to increase. This has forced many lawn equipment dealerships to close.


Every year we get more requests for lawn equipment service. Our facilities and staff have been pushed beyond our capacity. As I approach some type of semi-retirement, I need to keep the business contained within limits of my stamina.†


For 2022 we have implemented some changes to increase the efficiency in our shop by eliminating the bottlenecks to improve turnaround times.


Spoiled fuel has become the primary cause of starting and performance issues. Improperly stored fuel starts to cause performance issues after 30 days.

Most fuel-related problems start in improperly stored fuel. Missing vent caps, oversized, and contaminated storage cans all contribute to engine damage.


A Tune-up is a recommended set of procedures to prepare equipment for the season.

A Tune-up will not make a broken mower perform like new.

A Tune-up is Not a guarantee of a trouble-free season.

Mowers and Riders

One of our shop's goal is to eliminate accepting junk for repair. We look for signs that equipment is at the end of its usable life. We will be looking at.

Wobbly Wheels is a sign the mower has seen heavy use.

Blade damage is a sign of abuse.

Rusty dirty mowers that show signs of outdoor storage will not be accepted.

If a non-running mower was purchased at a yard sale or found on trash night, remember it was put there for a reason.†

If your mower doesnít start and our $55.00 minimum charge is more then you feel your mower is worth, donít drop it off. Our prices are not negotiable.

Snow Throwers

Snow throwers need to be prepared for the season and prepared for storage after the season.

Pre-season repairs and tune-ups should be completed before November 15th.

Improper summer storage is more damaging than in-season use. Not completely draining fuel in spring can be an expensive repair.

Belts fail from the inside. We canít verify the condition during a visual Inspection.

If your snow thrower was purchased from a non-servicing discount home center you should have an extra set of belts and shear bolts in your garage.

During summer storage, hot, unventilated sheds, under the deck, or under tarp storage, will cause premature damage.

Pressure washers

Engines can be repaired nonfunctioning pumps must be replaced.

Pressure washers need to be winterized if storage is going to be stored in a garage or shed. Follow manufacturer instructions.

Pressure washers should be drained of fuel if they will be unused for more than 30 days.

It is cheaper to rent a pressure washer once or twice a year, then maintaining the one.

Hand-Held Equipment

Chain Saws Trimmers and Leaf Blowers


Low-cost Handheld equipment is easily damaged by stale fuel. The average cost of a fuel system repair is $100.00. In most cases, it is cheaper to replace the tool then repair it. We will no longer repair handheld equipment that wasnít purchased from us.


A tool that starts and stalls have broken, stuck, or soft primmer button, gooey, or rock hard fuel lines is a sign of stale fuel damage.



Yes, we know counterfeit parts from the internet are a lot cheaper.

We donít know if they are safe or will work properly.

We will not install counterfeit parts. Installing customer supplied parts must be approved

Our parts prices include the costs associated with maintaining a parts department.

We know to order the right part the first time.†

Our major parts suppliers have limits and surcharges on our orders. To avoid surcharges, we order parts once a week. If the customer requests, we can submit emergency orders; however, the shipping surcharges will be passed onto our customer.


When we sold lawn equipment, we stocked 30,000 dollars worth of parts for our brand. We still stock thousands of dollars worth of parts. However, except for common parts, it is unlikely we have parts on the shelf for the Home Depot Cheepo.


We need to recover our costs of ordering shipping charges and other costs of acquiring parts. On some brands, we must pay the full list price plus shipping. We have a 30% markup on our costs. If you donít understand we need to make a profit go elsewhere


We will install a customer supplied parts only if they are OEM and dropped off with the equipment.


FAQ and Other Stuff you need to know


A leak down test is performed when we see signs of internal engine damage. An engine that fails a leak down test may start and run normally. However, a failed leak down test is a sign of internal wear.


Can you make my Old Bessy last one more season?


We are asked to patch up worn-out equipment. Why waste money for a temporary patch job.


Purchasing used equipment on craigslist. Today's Discount Home Center Lawn equipment has a low price because of its short designed life span. Most used equipment is sold because it is worn out. If you have the skills to do your repairs, you might find a fun project on the internet. If you donít have the skills, you may own a money trap. Instead of paying the internet seller to purchase used lawn equipment, In most cases the seller should pay you to haul it away.


We are asked to perform repairs from diagnosis found on Youtube. Youtube is a good source of both good and bad advice. Trust us we are real lawn equipment experts.


No Start Repair. While broken fuel lines on a trimmer look like a simple fix, it sometimes is a sign of deeper fuel system damage. If you feel lucky, we will repair to your specifications. These are called no start repairs. We ask that they are paid for in advance, and we donít attempt to start the equipment after a repair.


Tecumseh stopped producing engines a dozen years ago. Replacement parts are scarce and of poor quality. We recommend replacing Tecumseh engines. We will not warrant repairs on Tecumseh engines.†


At this time we are not accepting plug in, or Battery powered equipment for repair. This might change in the future.


John Deere doesn't share technical and parts information outside its dealer network. We will do tune-ups, and engine repairs on John Deere Gasoline-powered products.


Storage Charges will be added if equipment is not picked up after 30 days of completion of the repair and notification of the customer.


Sixty days after notification of completion the equipment will be considered abandon and sold to recover storage and repair costs.†


Posted Labor Rate $75.00 per hour.


I have over 50 years of small engine & lawn equipment shop experience.† I am known to be a resource for information for those repairing or restoring old and antique Lawn Equipment.† Toro, Wheel Horse, and Echo are my specialties, however if it is used on a lawn it has been in our shop.†


If you are looking for historical data on Lawn Equipment

Feel free to contact me.


Rob Leiser