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2212 Sullivan Trail    at Meco Rd

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Home            History


    Construction   Home Repair    Party    Lawn and Garden   Miscellaneous   


 Lawn Equipment Service       The Junk Drawer      Policies     FAQ


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The page gets a little weird from this point.  

Proceed at your own risk!


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Customer Service by Idiots

Website Update 2018

  For another year, I will be using a 14-year-old publisher program to update our website.  I looked at hiring a web publisher however while my page would be modernized I would lose the ability to tell

 stories. I want to thank all those that offered help and recommendations on a redesigned of our website.  With retirement happening sooner rather than later a complete redo might be a waste of money.


The 2018 update was delayed as I plan the future of the business.










Retirement update

After 55 years it is time to cut back. It’s been a fascinating journey since I started assembling Toro Mowers in the early 1960’s, however every journey comes to an end.


We are not closing

However I need to reduce our offerings because I can’t do it all.


It’s time to un-complicate the business as I move the business towards something I can operate in semi-retirement. I have unsuccessfully searched for a person with the passion needed to provide a level of customer service that our customers expect. The realization is that some of the services we have provided over the last 70 years will no longer be found in the area.


Rentals, The first step toward retirement is to remove complicated and unprofitable equipment from our rental offerings. Most of our customers will never even notice phase one. Eventually our rental equipment offerings will be similar to equipment offered by the big box and hardware store rental departments.


Lawn Equipment repairs; If you have found our small engine shop you hit the jackpot. I personally have over 50 years of actual lawn equipment repair experience.  Every year I attend manufactures update schools to keep current with the latest technology. Preparing for Leiser’s Lite we have invested in new equipment to add efficiency to our repair shop.

See Lawn Equipment Service for updates.


Operating a delivery service has always been costly endeavor and a point of contention with our customers.  Over the last number of years, the costs of operating a delivery service has skyrocketed.  Our customers don’t understand that the cost of the driver is only a small part of operating a delivery service. Insurance, license, Truck maintenance fees, and trucks that may only be used once or twice a week.

We have overhauled our pricing, we have also discounted our trailer rental when customers rent our equipment.

We are asking our customers to understand our limitations. 

Most of the info can be found by checking our Lawn Equipment service and the Junk Drawer tab’s for updates.  

Retiring?  Is anything for sale?  

Yes everything is for sale.

Business I am not actively marketing the business as a whole because of its complexity.  If you are interested lets talk.


Property I have considered some offers in the past. If the property would be sold we would relocate a smaller version of the business nearby.


Used Equipment Yes, we are selling off surplus items. In the past we have been very successful selling on

E-bay and Craigslist. We will also distribute a used equipment sale list at the store.


The New Normal

Last year I hired several young men with young families they all had two things in common, they all lived with, and were supported by parents, and all were unreliable and lazy.  Any parent that houses, feeds and supplies these basement dwellers with beer money are doing no favors for their children grandchildren or society.


A customer notices our help wanted sign and they know of a young person out of work. I give that customer an application to pass on but 9 out of 10 of those applications will not be returned.  Yes we have had parents fill out applications for adult children. There is a generation of 18 to 40-year-old’s that have no interest in working or learning the skills needed for hands on technical jobs.  Many of our young new hires are unable to handle the rigors of a 40-hour week.  One full time hire barely averaged 12 hours a week.


The inability to hire reliable, inspired, and trainable young people is affecting our ability to provide the level of customer service we are known for.


Social Media Feedback

We don’t solicit 5 star ratings, We don’t ask friends, employees, or ratings companies to build us 5 star ratings.  With that said please be honest and if you have a complaint contact us directly.  As a businessman I read and follow feedback writers.  It seems some writers look for frivolous reasons for leaving negative feedback.  I understand feedback and legitimate feedback helps us see our strengths and our weakness'







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