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Polices and other things you should know

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2212 Sullivan Trail†††† Forks Township Pa.†† 18040-7901

†Phone: 610-258-2963†††††††††† Fax: 610-258-3973


Please Read This Page First

Picture ID is Required


Cash or Credit Card Deposits required on all rentals ďNo ChecksĒ


Credit Cards and Debit Cards will be Pre-authorized and this may affect your available balance


10% Damage Waiver Charged On All Rentals; unless the customer shows us they have the financial responsibility or Insurance to pay for damage.


Contractors are required to prove insurance before declining Damage Waiver


Delivery Available For Additional Charge


Delivery is off the back of our Truck.† Setting up, moving and other special requests are available at an extra charge.


We Charge For All Time Out including Sundays and Holidays


A 4 hour Rate is Available On Some Items.


The tool needs to be returned the same day during normal business hours in less then 4 hours to qualify for the 4 hour rates.


Cleaning Charges are applied if equipment is returned dirty


Rates Subject To Change Without notice


10. Because your instructions came from the kid at the Home Center.


9. You had a good plan but you decided to cut cost and take shortcuts.


8. You donít have the patience or time to complete the job.


7. You didnít rent the correct equipment.


6. You donít know how to operate the equipment you rented.


5. You saved money by purchasing inferior materials.†


4. You donít have the physical ability to handle the task.


3. You started the project with a 6 pack of beer.


2. You have no plan, no permits, and no idea how to do the project.


1. You believe that Bob Vila dug all those holes during the 3 minute commercial.


A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Top 10 reasons your project will fail

Credit Cards: With the amount of fraudulent and overdrawn Cards we received we now verify every Credit Card. The† verification process sets aside the deposit in your account, however it is not moved to our account until the day after the transaction is made.† With Debit Cards and overdrawn Credit Cards this will effect your availible balance. Until the final settlement is processed you may see 2 charges from us on your account. This is an internal Bank issue and they will clear the verification off your account within a week.


Credit Card Numbers With all the credit card fraud that is going on we do not keep credit card numbers on file or in our computer system.


Theft and other things Bad People do. Even though we hand out equipment over the counter if you decide to keep it under Pennsylvania Law it is considered theft of leased Property.† Theft is Theft you may find yourself in a prison cell with the person who robbed the Convenience Store.† Some Renters turned thieves discover the serious of the act of theft of leased property when the Handcuffs are locked on.


Itís Ok to steal from a business. I would like to have a long talk with your parents.† To remain profitable and stay in business we need to make a profit.† Along with the cost of the equipment you rented we pay taxes, insurance, wages, repairs and utilities.† If you live in Forks Township we also pay part of your kids Football Uniform.† This is how we set our prices.† If you feel our prices are too high do business elsewhere, our prices are set and not negotiable.


We are not your business partner;Occasionally we are asked to adjust our price because the Contractor bid the project too low, or the Contractor ran into unforeseen problems. We are not your partner and since we donít ask for a bonus when the job was profitable please donít ask us for a discount because you screwed up.


The Engineer as we call them are customers who consider themselves honest but feel if they can outsmart a business it is not considered fraud.† I have been in this business for 50 years I have seen it all. A day late or even an hour late will be charged for. Vandalizing equipment after the job is finished has been tried.† We fight all Theft and Fraud because otherwise these lossís are passed along to our honest customers.† Our polices are in place to keep us profitable and in turn supply you with the equipment at the best price we can.


Why arenít we open Sunday† This is a small business with small number of employees.† During the busy season I work 7 days some of our people work 6. To open Sundays we would need to add additional staff. Unfortunately as hard as it is to hire qualified people trying to find reliable people to work Sundays has been impossible.† Rather then open Sundays without the staff needed to serve our customers we will remain closed.


Credits and Refunds is something that is always an issue. We understand breakdowns sometimes happen. We test equipment when it goes out to prevent problems, but breakdowns happen. When problems do arise we try to help our customers get back to work as soon as possible. Some demands for refunds have nothing to do with our equipment yet we are still asked. When a customer angrily demanded credit because he needed to stop his project to watch a football game on TV I knew I needed to address this issue. After 45 years I thought I heard it all.


Google, Yahoo, and other online feedback; A customer had rented some Party items with an impending snowstorm we called the customer and verified that the customers party was still on despite the forecast.† When the storm hit the customer canceled his party and demanded a full refund of the rental items he was in possession of all weekend, and a refund for delivery and pickup fees.† He would threaten to cover the Web with negative feedback if we didnít give a full refund.† Extortion and Fraud is what this is called.† Remember sometimes the Web is not as anonymous as people think.† We donít solicit positive feedback, or hire services to fabricate and maintain positive feedback.† One business I know of has some very glowing feedback left by family, friends and employees.† If you received good service please pass it on††


A Customer once asked for a refund because it didnít rain on a tent he rented.† We are asked for refunds because of work schedules, soccer games, excessive heat, cold, illnesses, dead relatives, because supplies werenít delivered or help didnít show up.† We are asked for refunds because the job was harder then the customer imagined or they lost the operating instructions we gave them.†


A big concern always is customers renting equipment they are not capable of safely operating.† We try our best to explain the operation of equipment to the renter, however many times the renter is not the operator, or the renter is distracted by the carload of kids. (more about kids later) Some of our equipment was designed for experienced users not weekend contractors. If You Donít Understand Ask.


Once you sign the contract and leave with a tool you will be charged.† That is how we pay our people.† Make sure you are ready to do the job that your materials, permits, and help are all ready.† Make sure you understand the safe operation of the equipment and have set aside enough time to do the job.


Children and Safety; I donít pretend to be an expert on child safety but what I witness scares the hell out of me.† I want to address 3 points on child safety


Our Store. There are many dangers around our store there is equipment being tested, customers vehicles being driven loaded and unloaded, there are unusual types of equipment that attract children.† Keep your small children at home or in the car unless you have another adult to watch them.† If you are returning equipment and have small children in the car just blow your horn we will come out and unload the equipment.


Your Project The last thing you need while you may be using equipment you may not be comfortable with is children distracting you from your project. Keep them in the house or plan the project when they are away. Children old enough to help should be instructed on proper safety when they are mature enough to follow directions.


A Child and a lawnmower is a recipe for disaster. The first time you give that child a ride on the lawnmower you turned a very dangerous tool into a Toy in your childís eyes. I in the lifetime in the industry I have read all the accident reports but every year hundreds of children are killed or maimed because they had no fear of a lawnmower.† When they see you mowing they only understand is a ride-on toy.† Most children hurt by lawnmowers are backed over.† Never allow children to ride on riding mowers. Objects thrown by blades can injure or kill bystanders clear your yard of all people when mowing the grass.


Contractors Rates Contractors many times ask for lower rates.† We do give rebates to customers who reach a predetermined level of business throughout the year.† Contractors are not entitled to lower rates because contractors tend to use equipment harder and longer then any other group we rent to.† The Contractor works for a profit just as we do if the contractor underbid the project it is not our responsibility to share our profit with them. Some Contactors should have our list of why projects fail on there desk when they are quoting jobs.†

After hours emergency service;† We provide an emergency number to our high volume customers who ask for after hours service.† This is not a free service; equipment rented under this service fall under our shift rate.† Asking our staff to come in early or stay after normal closing hours are charged at $10.00 for each 15 min.† We try to discourage after hour drop-offís, however if you decide to drop off equipment after we are closed or before we open there are some rules to remember.† You are responsible for the equipment until we take possession of it when we open.† The rental period dose not end until we take possession of the equipment. No equipment can be dropped off after dark.

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