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Leiserís Bethlehem††

Leiserís Forks Township



We have been separated from Leiserís Bethlehem since 1995.† Since the passing of Don Leiser in 2006 Leiserís Bethlehem has been on a lethargic downward slide.† An equipment auction emptied much of Bethlehemís outside storage


The below is from an online auction site

ďI first met the Dominicís team at an ARA (American Rental Association) Show lunch in 2012, as I discussed my equipment selling woes the team suggested trying out their consignment service and selling the equipment on Auction Time.  I had 2 pieces that I was having trouble moving, a Rayco mini dozer and Ring-o-matic hydro excavation system.  Dominicís Equipment was able to get the items sold quickly and for a combined $10,000 more than I was trying to sell them privately for.  When it came time to liquidate a large portion of my inventory this Spring, Dominicís was the obvious choice.  They moved 18 pieces for us in the March-18-2015 auction. They handled the spec sheets, pictures, and videos to bring in top dollar.  The national recognition and reasonable fees will keep us using the team at Dominic's for all of needs when selling off our used fleet,Ē
Rob Uliana, Vice President of Leiser's Rentals in Bethlehem PA.


We do not know if Leiserís Bethlehem is going to move, close, or

continue to operate on the Nazareth Pike.

Whatever happens will not effect us.


Whatís new for 2017

Retirement 2020 ?


After 54 years of working in the business it is time to face retirement.

We have been fortunate that we have continued to grow and update equipment.†

However I must face the fact that this business canít survive after my involvement ends.


32 Years in Forks Township now what?

†The past 53 years has been a fascinating journey however it is time to look toward the future.† Without family or employees willing to lighten my 60+ hour work weeks it is time to start preparing for retirement.†


I have never had a 2 week vacation. With a slimmed down business I will spend more time in the shop less time behind a desk. This new plan will allow me to lock the doors when I need to and unlock them when I want to.††


Nothing will happen next months, however over the next few years what I have spent a lifetime building will change into something I can manage in semi retirement.†


Operating with our currant facilities is no longer an option† It has never been efficient and attempts to update and expand have been thwarted by Township officials.† I am now looking at offers for our property that I ignored in the past.† We are also looking for a site with a more efficient building for a slimmed down Leiserís.



Our last Bobcat Skid Steer loader

was purchased at the end of 2015.† I say last because as I move toward retirement this new Bobcat should outlast my involvement in the business.† In the mid 1960ís Leiserís was one of the first east coast rental stores to offer skid steer loaders for rental.† By 1972 we sold serviced and rented Bobcat Loaders.† Back in the 1970ís a Bobcat cost about $4000.00 this newest machine was almost 10 times the original price.†† Another new addition is a tilt trailer with a GVW of almost 10,000 pounds.†


We have also added 100 upscale white padded chairs and Children's Chairs and Tables.


Propane Tank Update 2016: We have switched propane suppliers for the third time in 40+ years of pumping propane We dumped our last supplier for the same reason we fired the previous supplier over those companies refusal to address safety issues.† One consumer benefit of the change is the lower cost of propane that will be passed onto our customers. Propane costs dose fluctuate however we donít expect to see price increases this summer.


What is the benefit of a weekend propane price special when your tank isnít empty.



The Winter of 2015 and its challenges


This is a letter we wrote during the snowy winter of 2014


Dear Snowthrower Owner

When it snows we are at our best.† For 65 years we have provided service and support for the Lawn equipment industry.† I am disappointed that our servicing of your Snowthrower did not live up to yours or our expectation.† Changes in our industry over the last decade meant our hands were tied by manufactures and retailers that have little concern for product support.† This was the best we could do.†


As the largest storm of 2014 approached we had 20 Snowthrowers in our shop that were waiting for parts.


When we sold Toro and Ariens Snowthrowers we knew what products were in garages of our customers and our parts stocks were sufficient to handle stormy winters. During snowstorms we extend our hours and in the past I personally have spent nights in the store just to make sure we were able to open the next day.† As most consumers now purchase Snowthrowers from discount retailers that donít provide parts or service, we are asked by owners of the discount equipment to provide service.


During the winter of 2014 we lived up to our promise of addressing service needs in less than 24 hours. However this winter we saw dozens of different models from 10 different manufactures.† In trying to provide service we were slowed by manufactures that have gone out of business, suppliers who would not sell us parts directly, and Snowthrowers and engines imported from China.† After the first storm many of the manufactures of discount store Snowthrowers were completely sold out of common parts.


Fortunately for our Toro customerís parts were on our shelf or only a few days away.† In my customer letters I have explained the benefits of purchasing name brand equipment from a dealer that stocks parts and provides service, unfortunately most consumers only see the price.† Before you purchase a Snowthrower look up the manufacture make sure parts and service are available locally.† Check the country of origin of both the Snow unit and the engine.† If the parts needed for a repair are on a slow boat from China it can take weeks or months to receive replacement parts.


If you purchase a Snowthrower from a discount or online retailer you need to prepare yourself for emergencies.† One is make sure your Snowthrower has fresh stabilized fuel and is ready for a snow storm by mid-November.† When snow is in the forecast recheck the Snowthrower by running it for a few minutes.† In your garage you need to stock common parts for uncommon models and brands.† This should include extra shear bolts and extra belts.† Even if you canít do the repairs yourself you can provide the parts needed to the service center.†

Toro introduced the first affordable Snowthrower for homeowner use in the early 1950ís, and Leiserís offered the first Toro snowthrowers to the homeowners of the Lehigh Valley.† We sold and serviced both Toro and Ariens Snowthrowers until 2006.† The Snowthrower business became unprofitable as the discount retailers underpriced us.† The discount retailers were able to do this by selling a stripped down version of what we sold and by eliminating product support.† When you purchased a Snowthrower from Leiserís it was assembled tested and delivered free of charge.† Our customers were instructed on the Snowthrowers use and if our customer had a problem we would brave any snowstorm to take care of it.†


During a blizzard in 1966 Linden Street in front of our Bethlehem Store was closed by 8í snow drifts.† We cleared Linden Street to a passable side street so our driver could make deliveries.† During the next few days our driver was out on the road past 10 at night delivering new machines picking up equipment that needed service.† Many times this meant clearing the street with the Snowthrower to get to the customers house.†† Everyone in our business was selling and assembling new machines or repairing customer breakdowns.† This would include us kids and our friends.†

Generators; have been a product of interest since the storms of a few years back† Unfortunately if you tried to Rent or Purchase a Generator during a storm they were almost impossible to find and at a premium or price gouging price.† Many of our Generators are rented out before the big storms hit. Some Rental Stores double there prices during storms, we donít.† A few Big Box Retailers flooded the Market with Chinese knock-offís, these generators are a problem.† For the most part they are cheaply made knockoffs of Honda and other Brands.† They do not have Warrantees, a Servicing Dealer networks and Parts are not always available.† For the most part we have been able to Service these Generators.† The Purchaser should understand paying 1/2 the price of a name Brand unit, you got what you paid for.† If you feel a Portable Generator is all you need simplify itís use by installing a Generator Switch to control items like the Refrigerator, Water Pump, Heating System and of course the TV.† Purchase a correct size Generator from a servicing dealer who can supply Parts and Service.† A Generator needs to be exercised occasionally to protect the electronic components and fuel system.† Never Ever run a Generator inside a building, or try to connect the generator into the Breaker Box without a Generator Switch.


Delivery Service;† We provide Delivery service for both Rental equipment and Repairs.† Itís a lot more complicated and expensive then getting a Pizza Delivered.† While you may consider our prices high we continue to loose money on this segment of our Business.† When you consider the cost of the truck itís maintenance, license, Fuel and Insurance.† Then add all the costs associated with hiring a driver our charges are well below our costs.

Trailers; We also rent trailers. We do our best to insure that customers understand the operation of Trailers.† In the end the Driver is 100% responsible for following the laws.† It is the customers responsibility to inspect the Trailer before leaving our lot. If we ask a lot of questions it is because we want to make sure you are using the right equipment. Before using a trailer improperly just be aware the fines for overloading or not having brakes on heavier loads can get expensive The Fine for incorrectly hooked up safety chain is $150.00 other fines are higher.†

†††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †

Why arenít we open Sunday;† This is a small business with a very small staff. To open Sundays we would need to add additional staff.† Unfortunately as hard as it is to hire qualified people trying to find reliable people to work Sundays has been impossible.† Rather then open Sundays with a staff unable to serve our customers needs we will remain closed.


Homeowner Life Skills; Last winter a customer received bill to remove a chunk of ice from his Snowthrower.† The bill for this service that required us to pick up and re-delivery and labor was over $50.00.† If the customer would have used a little common sense or read the Troubleshooting section of the owners manual he could have solved this problem in a few minutes.† When we sold Toro equipment these little nuisance repairs were handled free of charge.† However our people deserve to get paid to work on equipment sold by other retailers.† Before you request service step back review the Owners Manual and look for simple problems.


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